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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault.

Sexual assault, sexual harassment, and rape have all been hot topics lately of the left. With court cases against innocent men such as Brett Kavanaugh, only for higher power in the Democrats, or included in marches for women’s rights. The leftist public seems to use these three terms interchangeably.

Many can agree that rape is an unforgivable crime. The people who commit it should be killed or incarcerated. However sexual assault does not have a clear definition right now. Roughly it’s just the occurrence of any sexual behavior without explicit consent. This could mean rape or sexual harassment, fondling, etc. Sexual assault has been imprinted as the umbrella term for many specific situations. This leads to a lot of confusion, and misconceptions about people.

Apparently, a vast majority of people don’t want to be heard, victims are too scared they might be killed if their voice is heard. Unfortunately, they can’t go to court and get justice… Until there is some form of attention involved. I’m not saying that every sexual assault case is a lie for attention, though false accusations are on the rise. Some of these women, yes, are absolutely terrified to speak out because they’ve had their life taken advantage of, but “A vast majority, definitely not.

The #MeToo Movement is still in progress. The idea behind this movement is to stop sexual violence altogether. However, the attempts of this fantastic goal have been weak. Any person can go online to Twitter, make an account, tell a complete lie, slap a #METOO on it and there you go, you’re part of a group. You’ll obtain some remorse and empathy from people you don’t know and have helped a cause set out with no purpose. The Me Too movement has actually made some women feel disgusted, making them think of their sexual assault stories from a while ago. It’s done nothing but make them resurface the crimes committed against them.

One question that has been speculating lately- Should there be a more significant penalty for false accusation if they lead to the ruin of an individual? Right now, if you are suspected of falsely accusing an individual of rape, you could be charged with “wasting police time” or “Perverting the court of justice”.

If these social justice warriors really wanted to perform justice, they would find the real victims of these crimes, and help get them into a court. Looking into statistics of this, they seem very skewed due to the interchangeability of the terms. I couldn’t find any reputable sources on numbers for North America. However, what all of the pages I visited had in common were South Africa’s rape statistics. The average South African woman has a 40% chance to be raped. With only 1/9 rape cases reported. Why the hell aren’t we focusing on this, and instead of making lies about young adults on college campuses?

If you or anyone you know has been sexually assaulted contact the police immediately, find the perpetrators name, and get justice so more people don’t get hurt. Stay informed on these terms, they may change. In this world, we need to focus on the issues that matter at large and address them accordingly with due process, order, and actual evidence.